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Bernard Persoons - CEO

Bernard Persoons – CEO

Writing these few lines to introduce the presentation of our Group gives me a sense of entrepreneurial pride – it is good to be able support entrepreneurship in this period of technological ferment with all the new challenges it brings.

This adventure would not have been possible without the driving force provided by our Group’s human capital. I pay tribute to our earliest employees and in particular our customers who entrusted the management of their information systems to the talents that make up our team.

Transmission is an essential value within the BDE Group, both between generations and in terms of sharing expertise not only with our carefully selected technology partners but also with the technical teams of the customers we support.

As it developed, the BDE Group specialized its services focusing not only on sectors such as local entities, hospitals, hotels, education and distribution, but also on supporting both private and public service companies.

To achieve this, our teams have continuously maintained a high level of training, have total commitment and a passion for advanced technologies – which has the benefit of satisfying our customers who in return reward us with their loyalty. We are justly proud.

The BDE Group is also a human-sized company where everyone with their particular skills and values has a place. After three years of working with the Actiris diversity unit, the BDE Group has been awarded the “Diversité” label.

In practical terms the plan meant employing people with disabilities, developing training spaces for people with disabilities, and a training catalogue for people with impaired hearing.

So briefly this is what characterizes us. I would now like to invite you to discover the activities of the various entities in the BDE Group.


Fermeture annuelle de nos points de vente du 18/07 au 03/08

8 - 07 - 2020|Comments Off on Fermeture annuelle de nos points de vente du 18/07 au 03/08

Chers clients,

Nous vous rappelons notre fermeture annuelle du 18/07 au 03/08 compris.
Tous nos points de vente seront fermés!
On recharge nos batteries et on se voit en août

A bientôt,

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