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By supporting the ongoing training of its teams, the BDE Group aims to support its customers throughout their development, anticipating their needs, providing innovative solutions and maintaining their technical infrastructure day today.

Our resources and expertise

  • Specializing in Microsoft, VMware, Veeam, Civadis business applications, 3P, and Ecompte
  • Infrastructure specialist for public services
  • Skills and solid experience

Expertise approved by a large number of municipalities and CPAS


    Our services

    Advice and support for decision makers and IT departments

    • Needs analysis, financial and operational impacts
    • Audit of IT tools and study of optimal use
    • Continuity plan
    • Project management: from the initial to the final project phase
    • Advice for writing specifications and tendering

    Infrastructure services

    • Infrastructure management
    • Maintenance and configuration of network equipment
    • Installation, maintenance of all equipment
    • Managed services
    • Cloud solutions
    • Project Management: mobility and green IT projects
    • Multi-site networks (administration, academy, decentralized services, etc.)
    • Putting collaboration and intranet tools in place
    • Implementing cross-cutting projects between services
    • Electronic management of incoming and outgoing mail
    • Establishing procedures and documentation files
    • Putting sharing solutions for databases in place
    • Support and compliance for government departments and public social action centres with the minimum security standards
    • Assistance for virtualization
    • Assistance for Microsoft Office, Exchange, Sharepoint / Foundation, O.S. Server migration
    • Migration of application servers (including for business solutions)

    Our offer

    The BDE Group’s offer is based on:

    Availability: a designated person and project leader
    Technology intelligence: access to specific business skills depending on needs & projects
    A controlled budget
    A set daily price
    A timetable that is validated after the initial study

    Our products

    For computer or multimedia supplies, we are able to provide you with all the brands on the market – be it a single component or full equipment.
    We can also supply the ideal components based on the power consumption of your machines (appropriately sized power supplies, low energy monitors, hard drives with no moving parts, stand-by software, efficient OS which speeds up booting up and shutting down, etc.).

    Do you have a DRP?

    Ensuring the continuity of your services is your responsibility!
    The activity of public services is inseparable from technology. If your data disappears, if your operations are interrupted without any future date for resumption of service, if your electronic communications trip out, you’re left standing! And the public will hold you responsible.

    This duty of governance falls within the obligations of the Permanent Bureau of the public social action centre (CPAS) and the executive council.

    DRP Agency supports you in relation to analysing, creating, implementing and the continuity of your DRP.

    • Security advice
    • Decision-making assistance


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